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Birthing Tree Cooperative, family resource center in Santa Fe

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Clark Flatt of the Jason Foundation talks about “The Silent Epidemic” of youth suicide ages 10-24 years old, including risk factors and warning signs.  Their target group is 10-18 years old.

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CEO Andrea Maril and Executive Board Member and Big Brother Lee Cabeza de Vaca of Big Brothers Big Sisters explain the services they provide for Northern and Southwestern New Mexico.d.

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Jordan Berenis and Ed Gronquist of the Santa Fe Interfaith Community Shelter talk about the chronically homeless people they serve.

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Gaile Herling and Isabel Ribe from Santa Fe Public Schools Adelante Program talk about child and family homelessness and our women’s cooperative.

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Markel Hicks with The Black Out, dedicated to spreading knowledge about HIV, and connecting people living with HIV and AIDS to organizations that provide services; and removing the stigma related to race, ethnicity, and HIV.

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John Monroe discusses natural vision improvement.

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Tapping into wealth – Income breakthroughs for women.  Coaching for women business owners and from start up to established. 

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5 Tools to create new and sustainable habits in yourself and others.  “Smart Change” explores the psychological mechanisms that form and maintain habits in individuals and people and offers real accessible and actionable advice for change.

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Brenda J Morales, RN, talks about her nurse excellence award from nursing at St. Christus rehab unit

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