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Commemorating World Aids Day, December 1, 2016.  ALBQ. Paint Albuquerque Red, evening candle light event.  Information on HIV testing.

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"Finding the Blue Sky" a mindful approach to choosing happiness and now.  The practice of mindfulness is a great benefit in reducing stress, anxiety.

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"A Love Story", an intensely personal memoir.  The book will help others learn the keys to building a long and enduring relationship, one that is fresh, exciting, and tender.

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Discussion on issues effecting women's (and men's) dental health

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Dr. Ramirez from Railyard Urgent Care discusses services for Santa Feans and travelers to Santa Fe.

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Pam Roy, founder and executive director of Farm To Table discussing World Food Day.

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Tamaya Toulouse is performance company manager of National Institute of Flamenco, which has been teaching flamenco in New Mexico since 1950.

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