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Life transforming speaker through storytellling, humor, and practical spirituality.

Author of This Life is Joy

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Focus on women, young girls health services, education, prevention, and healthcare management, as well as on, Hep C being a curable disease.

SWC provides screening, support services, and information

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Nancy is an author, spiritual cook and motivational speaker.

She teaches how to clear the energy field and the effect other people can have.  The effect of the spoken word and the energy of our thoughts affect our lives.

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Kathy Sanchez focuses on women's ways to stay connected to others through programs of Tewa Women United, the doula program, environmental health and justice, aging and youth programs

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Providing an array of comprehensive health services, including primary care providers, nurse practitioners,physicians, pharmacists, and medical assistants

Contact: 989-8200

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Overwhelmed to Inspired, a book

Women's well-being

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Sherry Hooper spoke about hunger in Northern New Mexico and the  Food Depot's work to end hunger.  She shared information about their upcoming benefit-Souper Bowl, Saturday, January 21, from noon - 2:30 pm at the SF Community Convention Center.

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Earth Care focuses on educating & empowering youth (and adult allies) on the intersection of social & environmental justice to be activated and supported with tangible tools to create change.

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Healthy Woman December 17, 2016 provides a brief history of the camp, its purpose, mission statement, program, services, activities, and volunteer opportunities

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This book resonates with anyone thirsting for meaning and spirituality in their lives.

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