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Dr. Wendy Johnson of La Familia Medical Center describes services and programs at LFMC: including 2 full care clinics; Health Care for the Homeless; and dental services.

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Giovanna Rossi is president of Collective Action Strategies, which works with and supports agencies and non-profits aiding women and families.

Also founder of Well Woman Life.

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Dmitri Moraitis is a metaphysical teacher, healer and co-author of the book Change Your Aura, Change your LIfe.

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Round table discussion with nurse and kids attending the camp.

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Description of Good Will Industries: "Brain Injury Services Program" which offers free statewide services including case management.

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Dr. Barb Depree, author of Yes You Can, Dr. Barb's Recipe for Life Changing Intimacy

Menopause specialist

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Mara Taub, human rights activist; women's wellness;  Women's Prison Project.


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Second novel, characters are drawn from her childhood memories and lifelong experiences. Mary Morony writes with compassion, humor and recovery - to bear against subjects as racism, alcoholism

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La Sociedad Folklorica,  "The Merienda Old Fashion Style show".

James A. Little Theatre

September 10, 2016    3pm


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Tissue Paper Collage process, ongoing collage groups:  TPC is storytelling, expressive movement, journaling, meditation viewing and sharing.

Taos workshop  October 8-12, 2016.    540-514-0395

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