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Ms. Lynch is a success coach and a leading expert in Tappery, Top/ E.F.T = Emotional Freedom Training.  Through the Tapping Technique you can clean those blocks and transform your fears into positive tools to help achieve a meaningful and successful life.  Once you reach this level you can define what success really means to you and set the goals to achieve it.

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Students Yarin Reindorp from Isreal, Cheeny Nwosu from Nigeria, and Dean of Students at the United World College Susie Child spread the awareness of HIV and AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, and teen pregnancy.  The HIV AIDS Peer Educators present their message through skits, monologues, songs, and raps.

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Dr. Lawrence Chandler, Pediatrician at the Southwest Care Center and Womens Health Services talks about child health and well-being, the role of the Pediatrician with the child and family, and how good health extends beyond the doctors office

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Allison Carmen’s “Gift Of Maybe” is about finding hope and possibility in uncertain times.  Her topics cover reducing stress/anxiety, viewing uncertainty as a place of hope, finding joy in the moment of worry about the future.

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