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Psychotherapist and Author of “Transcendent Mind” Sunita Pattani talks about emotional healing (wounding) and the 4 elements that can promote mind, body, soul, and spirit.

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Jeff Hood talks about the Youth Build program at SFCC that helps 16-18 year old disengaged youth work for a GED while building a house.

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In the face of uncertainty, the book “The Gift Of Maybe” opens your mind and heart.  It creates a little space for hope.  It allows you to take a deep breath, stay in the present and forge your own path.

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Gus Jolley and Kathy Laird of Listening Horse Therapeutic Riding provided information about their program and the services they provide to participants and the community; and the fundraisers for their no cost programs.

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Girl Scouts! A recent study of girls across the nation showed that girls in NM face significant obstacles in health & wellness, education, and well-being.  The Girl Scouts of NM Trails are working intentionally to address these obstacles – giving girls the opportunity to overcome these obstacles.  Our staff will share our programs & initiatives that we implement across the state.

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